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Provide all statistical analysis services of organizations and researchers.

The group of top analysts was established in 2005 with the aim of expanding statistical knowledge and providing specialized statistical services. Experts with a history of statistical analysis (comprised of experts and senior experts in the field of statistics and management) help you to get the best results from the use of statistical methods in research, the labor market, and so on.

Address: Hamedan – Aghajani Big Avenue – Takhty Ave – Shahid Nasser Shaali Alley – Shahid Nasser Shali Blockade – 88th Floor – Underground Floor – Statistical Service Company Pouyan Hegmataneh Statistics – Postal Code: 6515645558
Mobile number: +989372399486
Contact number: +988132534021
Email address: Topanalysts.ir@gmail.com
Admin Email address: Info@top-analysts.ir

Description of Top Analytical Services:
– Providing a variety of standard questionnaires required for management, psychology, education, librarianship, etc. (currently specially for Persian speakers)
– Acceptance of order. Perform statistical analysis of organizational and research projects in all disciplines
– Adoption of the order Simulation of business processes of organizations, banks, factories and manufacturing-service enterprises
– Providing statistical advice on statistical analysis
– Provide training for the utilization and enhancement of researchers’ information about statistical software
– Providing a variety of statistical software required by researchers for statistical analysis.



Reliable and accurate data analysis tailored to your needs


Delivery of orders for up to ten working days


Statistical analysis of over 4,500 research projects in all disciplines


More than 15 years of experience providing statistical services

Discover Martfury’s Journey

October 2005
Start analyzing data
June 2009
Statistical analysis of more than 500 research projects
May 2012
Mastering the types of statistical analyzes and software Eviews and Lisrel And statistical analysis of more than 1900 research and advisory projects more than 200 proposals
April 2016
Full mastery of statistical software for structural equations and analysis of over 2500 research and consulting projects More than 500 proposals
September 2017
Full mastery of SmartPLS software And statistical analysis of more than 3,000 research and consulting projects of 750 proposals
June 2019
Full mastery of all statistical software Analysis of more than 4,500 research and advisory projects More than 1200 proposals

Top Analysts' Team

Behzad Yaghoubian

Specialties: Design of statistical tests, regression, familiarity with SPSS, R and S-plus

Behzad Yaghoubian

Master of Pure Statistics
Amir Yaghoubi

Experienced Statistics Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Data Mining, SQL, Tableau and statistical software such as LISREL, Amos, SmartPLS, SPSS, R, S-Plus, Python, SAS Programming, Eviews and ...

Amir Yaghoubi

Ph.D of Marketing Managemant
Yadollah Waghei

Specialties: Spatial Analysis - Statistical Computations _ Demography - Linear Models - Simulation- Multivariate Analysis

    Yadollah Waghei

    Ph.D of Biostatistics
    Younes Zohrevand

    Specialties: Information theory, Reliability, Survival Analysis and life time testing. Also I'm interested in Structural Equation Modelling, Regression Models, Linear models, data mining and etc.

    Younes Zohrevand

    Ph.D of Pure Statistics

    Site Admin

    Dr. Amir Yaghobi

    Educational records:
    PhD in Business Administration – Marketing Orientation
    Master of Business Administration – Marketing Orientation
    Statistical bachelor
    Teaching Experience:
    5 years of teaching management lessons in Hamadan University of Tehran
    5 years of teaching courses in marketing management courses, computer use, statistics and … at Hamedan University of Applied Sciences
    Specialist in Agricultural Organizations
    Expert of various surveys of Hamedan province statistics center
    Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Cooperative Group of Hegmataneh
    Designer and graphic artist during the years 83-86
    Statistical analysis of more than 4000 dissertations and research with 15 years of experience in the fields of: Management-Executive Management- Urban Management- Tourism Management- Educational Sciences- Psychology-Accounting- Agriculture- Architecture- Engineering-Social Sciences- Medicine- Dentistry- Economics- IT-Librarianship-Geophysics and …
    Full mastery of software:
    Word- Excel- PowerPoint- Publisher- Xepersian- Access- Photoshop- Corel- SQL- WordPress- Woocommerce- Multimedia Builder- ….
    Dominate Statistical Software:
    Spss – SAS – R – Minitab – S plus – Amos – Lisrel – SmartPLS – Eviews – Expert Choice- Tableau- Arena & …

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