Terms and Conditions Top analysts:
All users who intend to subscribe to and buy Top Analysts site must complete the terms of this agreement and then subscribe to and purchase from the site.
Paragraph 1:
Membership on the site or purchase of it is the study and acceptance of the terms of purchase and membership and the relevant rules and regulations.
People must come to the membership section to join the site.
At this point, by entering the necessary information such as name and surname, password and e-mail address, the confirmation link will be sent to them, which users will confirm the membership process by clicking on it.
The user must keep his password and username, and if he forgets it, he can take the passcode for forgetting.
Note: The user must correctly declare his / her email address along with other requested information and the responsibility for the incorrect or illegal registration is the responsibility of the user.
Note: Site membership is free of charge for top analysts.
Clause 2:
The process of purchasing from the site by the user is as follows:
Part One: Visit the products and services provided on the site
Part II: Payment of a specified amount (or discount coupon) online by the buyer
Part 3: Send the receipt of goods and services purchased in an email or by SMS to the email address or user’s mobile number by top analysts.
Part IV: Providing download links by top analysts after confirmation of deposit by the bank
Clause 3:
The royalties of all services of this site are reserved for the Producer and all services are subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and any copying or use of the whole or part of the contents of the goods is unlawful and subject to prosecution.
Clause 4:
The company provides the following information for the user’s knowledge:
– Specifications and product features.
– Determine all costs incurred by the customer for the purchase of the goods.
– Duration of proposed offers
Paragraph 5:
Disruption to the Internet service or any event that causes the email containing the purchase code from the manager to fail to the user will not invalidate the user’s rights.
Paragraph 6:
The user should not make any comments on the site (the forum or any other part) or take any action that would indicate the violation of the rights of other persons or the conduct of the offenders. Also, users should not comment on religious affairs and politics on this site. If any of the users do not comply with this article, they will be expelled immediately from the site and they will not be refunded if they have made any purchases. Also, the user loses the right to use this site.


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